Our Mission

We will provide a safe, highly professional and reliable service to all our clients that will be memorable, educational, personal and cater to all their flying needs. We will operate in an environmentally friendly and good neighbourly manner at all times, respecting and being sensitive to the wishes and needs of others. We strive to offer and provide unparalleled expertise, experience and customer service on the ground and in the air.

Our Fleet

Robinson R22

The Robinson R22 carries 1 passenger plus the pilot and is great for observation work, pest control and training operations. It can be fitted with external cargo pods and also has a cargo hook.


Robinson R44 Raven 2

The Robinson R44 carries a maximum of 3 passengers plus the pilot. The unobstructed cabin area has exceptional visibility for all passengers.It can also be fitted with pods to carry addtional equipment.



The MD500 carries a maximum of 4 passengers plus the pilot, It possess impressive maneuverability and cargo capacity both internal and external. The MD500 is fitted with a removable external cargo pod. It is a great reliable work horse.



The Squirrel carries 6 passengers plus the pilot. It also has gear lockers, and can be fitted with pods to carry additional gear and equipment. All seats can be removed to provide a flat floor to allow for bulk cargo and equiptment.